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volto® – Innovation and economy

volto® is a striking example of how office chairs can be eye-catching, ergonomic and affordable at the same time, thanks to unequalled seating comfort with the seat pad plate. With the help of the new Multisynchron Mechanism, the backrest pressure can be adjusted from 45 – 120 kg in 3 full turns only promoting an immediate change of the backrest counter pressure.

This function is particularly useful if different people will be sitting on the same chair.

New by Original Steifensand: The oscillating seatback of this chair moves fully independently from the inclination of the backrest mechanics and provides the best possible spine support also in the ultimate backwards position. The high-end chromed elements of this chair give a very exclusive finish.

volto PLUS® comfort

volto vp 2350
volto plus comfort vp 4350
volto sc 8306

volto PLUS® net

volto PLUS net VM 2350
volto vm 4350

volto PLUS® basic

volto basic 5100 5110
volto basic VB 5200
volto VB 7010/7000
volto vb 7110 7100
volto basic vb 7200
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