Original Steifensand


Sitting is the central posture in our information society. This alone is reason enough to decide on products which support the body in the best possible way and to achieve efficiency and the sense of well-being when selecting office furniture.

As a medium-sized company led by the owner we feel highly demanded to offer a perfect combination of function, innovation and efficiency – just quality „made in Germany“!

The power of Steifensand is your extra-plus: quick, flexible and with a wide scope to fulfill individual requests. Discover the difference – when taking a seat in an Original Steifensand for the first time.

Made in Germany

Original Steifensand office chairs are „made in Germany“. They are manufactured at our company headquarters in Freystadt – in accordance with the highest quality standards. Our suppliers know that as well. 90 percent of the processed parts come from Germany. A large number of parts even comes from partners in the region.

The service:
Fast and flexible

Original Steifensand has many years of experience in the production of office chairs. We continuously improve our products and develop new, trend-setting office chair concepts. We build and test our prototypes ourselves. Our customers profit from this know-how and from the resulting leeway directly. At Original Steifensand, we are even able to rapidly and flexibly meet individual requirements concerning your office chair.

is standard for us

Even individual wishes regarding office chairs can always be fulfilled quickly and flexibly by Original Steifensand. Individual product adaptations without loss of quality through the use of top-quality components are standard for us every day. Thanks to time-optimised logistics in our own production facilities with service technicians and trained personnel, we can also create complex solutions for the perfect office.