Zu gutem Sitzen gehört mehr als ein Bürostuhl. Lassen Sie sich von uns beraten.

It takes more than just an office chair to sit comfortably. Let us help you find the right chair.

Are you planning on buying new office chairs for your employees? Are you looking for modern chairs for your office and conference rooms? Do you have to factor in individual comfort requests and costs? In that case, Original Steifensand is the right partner for you.

As your experienced furnishing partner, we do not just sell an office chair. We also provide you with personal assistance in choosing the right seating furniture.

Use our broad range of services to plan your office. Please feel free to call us or to write an e-mail without any obligation. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

We deliver good-quality fast and at a fair price. We give 3 to 5-years guarantee on all seating furniture for your office. We make sure that you sit comfortably on the long run by providing in-house customer service and specialized experts near you.