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Sitting is the central posture in our information society. Whether in the waiting area, at meetings or in discussions among colleagues – we are happy to sit down. Visitor chairs are a figurehead for your company. Therefore, when selecting them, you should choose products that combine design, economy and quality in an optimal way.

As a medium-sized, owner-managed company, we feel particularly challenged to offer you a perfect combination of function, innovation and economy – quality “made in Germany”! Your extra plus is the strength of Original Steifensand: fast, flexible and with plenty of room for fulfilling your individual wishes!

Visitors OS

Besucherstuhl OS 6200
Besucherstuhl OS 6400
Besucherstuhl OS 7200
Besucherstuhl OS7400

Visitors volto®

volto basic 5100 5110
volto basic VB 5200
volto VB 7010/7000
volto vb 7110 7100
volto basic vb 7200

Visitors seno®


Visitors ceto®

ceto ct 8306
ceto CT 8206

Visitor CE 8306

ceto ce8306