Seno Sitzgruppe

The seno® range from Original Steifensand offers broad scope for the optimum equipment of the working environment by its modern, clear design, many trendy details and three requirement-orientated ergonomic concepts.

Beyond economy and comfort seno® gains by extraordinary fresh designs and extras!

Nowadays model variety and ergonomics of good seating furniture are taken as a matter of course – however different seating mechanisms for the economic and ergonomic fulfilment of your requirements in an optimum way are not self-evident! seno® even offers you the choice between three seating mechanisms.

seno® basic

seno so 2310
seno so 2350
seno SO 6300
seno so 6306
seno so 7300

seno® comfort

seno comfort sc 2350

seno® net

seno net sn 2310

seno® executive

seno executive sc 4350
seno executive sc 8306

seno® executive net

seno net sn 4350

seno® xxl

seno Zertifikate